Your own vegetable garden fits anywhere

Fragrant, freshly-picked herbs and fresh home-grown vegetables? With table-top garden even the smallest amount of space is sufficient: a sunny spot on your own balcony, for instance, or a patch of soil the size of a paving slab outside the kitchen door; or how about planting juicy cucumbers and glossy sweet peppers in between the ornamental plants? It looks attractive and different, and helps you create a unique little garden. It's also very convenient: from now on you no longer have to go to the shop for every single ingredient - simply harvest from your own crop. Healthy, delicious dishes, all within arm's reach, and never again having a fridge full of expensive, half-used bags of wilting chives, mint, or parsley, as you can simply cut what you need, when you need it. Treat yourself with a beautiful variety of flavours, fragrances, and colours provided by Mother Nature. With table-top garden, you can see it grow!